Are all Bluetooth earphones created equal?

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23 Aralık 2020
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I've not tried the Apple AirPods yet, but have been using Bluetooth earbuds for years, now. Starting with Jaybird Freedoms in various iterations (buds connected with a cable), and latterly with fFlat5 Aria Ones, and Erato Apollo 7s.

The wired Jaybird solutions maintain contact with each other perfectly, for obvious reasons. I use them for working out, riding bikes, and anything else involving physical exertion that is liable to cause one of the buds to fall out. The cable is the safety mechanism; losing or wrecking one of the pure wireless buds can really ruin your day.

The fFlat5s have terrific sound, the best I experience with my wireless earbuds, and better than commonplace wired ones. They are large, and thus more prone to falling out of the ear canal, and only one connects to the Bluetooth transmitter on my iPhone, the other joins the first wirelessly. This creates occasional drops and distortion. I use them for stationary listening when I can't be bothered digging out my JHAudio in-ear monitors, and for less strenuous exercise, like dog walking.

Please help.

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